Sold out!

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Our year 8 specialist Business students got first hand experience in selling today. Students spent time planning and creating their products through market research. Students then worked out their finances to calculate how much profit could be made.

Students sold a range of products from flexi pencils and glow sticks to bouncy balls and tennis kits. All students made a profit and will now go on to analyse how they can expand.

Students used a variety of skills including numeracy and were able to apply the theory they have learnt.

Comments made from students were insightul such as “we had to think about real world problems” Rayan Zinga. “We were competing with each other aswell” Rabiu Toure.

All in all a fun packed positive and profitable day for Business studies specialism at Lister.

Mr I Ahmed (Acting Head of Davinci/Business and Computing Teacher)

Computing lessons by Sarah Bonnell


Last week our computing girls from Lister attended Sarah Bonnell for friendly competition and computing lessons. Students learnt how to program through activities such as writing algorithms for a robot to cook pancakes and a Binary treasure hunt. Students really enjoyed themselves and are much more confident in the subject. “I wasn’t going to pick it next year but now I know I can do it” Fatimin. “Computing is really cool” Nahidah. “We can teach the boys at Lister” Marwalid

Special thanks to Salma Adel (Head of Computing and Business Sarah Bonnell) for hosting.

Coming soon!

Sarah Bonnell are hosting the Farraday national competition. keep an eye out for more collaborations!

Ms S Begum (Acting head of Computing, ICT and Business)

National Game Jam (Royal Festival Hall)


Last week our computing specialist students attended the national game jam at the Royal Festival hall. Students were able to meet professional hackers from Denmark and took part in a competition. Students programmed their own game and created controllers from household materials. Our student not only were able to put their programming skills to practise but had great fun at the same time. “This was amazing!” Rahat Robe, “I want to do this when I’m older” Uzair Waseem.

Special thanks to Ms Haynes (Head of Music) and Ms N Begum (Careers) for their support.

Coming soon!

Our computing students will be working with robotics in conjunction with STEM.

Ms S Begum (Acting head of Computing, Business and ICT)