Inaugural Lister Scholars’ Programme


The inaugural Lister Scholars’ Programme has made a very successful start to the year. After debating the merits of a Utilitarian approach to ethics last week, this Friday Mr Raichura delivered a fascinating and interactive talk on evolution to our group of academic High Attainers in Y8-9. A number of students were able to make impressive links with their existing scientific knowledge and Mr Raichura faced many insightful questions from the group.

Next week, in a nod to Black History Month, Ms Sarwar will lead a discussion on cultural identity. If you are in y8-9 and feel like challenging yourself academically, come along to S110 from 3.05-4pm on Friday.

Mr Deasy

Wild Card

Some of our GCSE students went to Sadler’s Wells’ Lilian Baylis Theatre to see a performance by choreographer Botis Seva and Far From the Norm . The Pre-show show was so experimental that some students were really unnerved by it. Ms Coke thought her hand was going to drop off as a student was squeezing it so hard! The main show took street dance back to basics and showcased the isolation of the back and body rolls. The first dance was mesmerising. The students are looking forward to their next trip to the Sadler’s Wells Theatre on Weds 4th Nov to see Rambert Dance Company.