Interhouse Results

Well done to all students who took part in this weeks inter house competition. We saw some fantastic football skills (which would rival Messi or Ronaldo) from the girls. As well as some slam dunks and 3 pointers, (just like Michael Jordan) from the boys.

It was incredibly close as you can see from the results table below: Well done to the Hawklets and Kinglings.

PE Department

Careers news at Lister

On Thursday 17th January one of the UK’s largest banks, Santander, delivered a fantastic workshop to a classroom of Year 9 students.

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The class were fully engaged as they learned about the importance of managing their money through different types of saving techniques. They took part in activities about different careers in the banking industry and were encouraged to think about how money will play a role in their future as they touched upon key words such as budgeting and tax.

Ms Guillermo