Students Engage in Super Learning

On Tuesday 1 April the school’s fourth SUPER LEARNING DAY took place. The normal teaching timetable collapsed and each year group or house had the opportunity to participate in learning activities which they would normally not come across in their day-to-day lessons.

All the Year 7 students went out on excursions to various city farms, the Tate Gallery, Victoria and Albert Museum, Museum of Docklands, Museum of Childhood and HMS Belfast. (According to one year 7…  ‘I enjoyed the ship but it made me seasick’)

Year 8’s also enjoyed a range of activities such as the Jack the Ripper tour (‘awesome’ reported one year 8), a drugs awareness programme, sex and relationships sessions as well as business workplace visits.

The year 9 cohort had a sharp focus on entrepreneurship and business skills where they analysed their personal drive and abilities and then capped it all by learning how to create a small business from scratch.

Year 10 students participated in a range of activities – including a Russell Group university conference in Birmingham, Gangs and Violence workshops and an employability option seminar.

 With the forthcoming exams our year 11’s concentrated on Religious Studies master classes.

From all accounts, and feedback received from students and staff, the day was a memorable one which was enjoyed by all. 

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Cricket gets into swing!

Cricket Nets  

The Lister Cricket season has started and, with the Essex Cup draws imminent, the year 7, 8, 9 & 10 boys have started their cricket net practice after school on a Thursday from 3pm to 4:30pm.

Mr Rashid coaching the year 8′s and 10′s has been bowled over by their ability and hopes are high for a successful season in Newham League, London Cup and Essex Cup fixtures.

The year 7′s are looking like being a strong force once again. Mr Muscat & Mr Blake are hoping their season can reach the heights of a Chris Gayle six!!!! 

If you are a good cricketer or just fancy having a go please come along with your PE Kit to take part.

Keep your eyes peeled for posts and tweets of results after half term

We wish the boys all the best for the season and we know they will do the school proud.

IntoUniversity at SOAS

On Thursday 27th March, 27 Year 8 students were given the opportunity to visit one of the top universities in the UK, the School of African and Oriental Studies (SOAS). As part of IntoUniversity’s ‘Buddy’ programme, they worked with students from all over the world to learn new languages and to find out more about university life. 

Arjun Singh (GSH) wrote: 

“SOAS was a great university and we had fun learning new information about universities. We also learnt languages and had a tour of the university including the library which had 1.5 million books! The SOAS students were great and they were very polite and friendly. After this trip I was very eager to go to a university and achieve a high standard. I hope there are more opportunities and trips like this!”

The success of the trip was mirrored by SOAS who have since written an article on their website. To have a read please click on the link below:



Careers Advice at Y10 Parents’ Evening

Pupils and their parents get advice and guidance about their future career plans from colleges and the 15billion careers service supporting Year 10 Parents Evening.

Year 10 pupils are encouraged to achieve their full potential during year 11 and consider how it will shape their future progression.

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Holocaust Survivor speaks to Y9 students

On Monday, Y9 students were privileged enough to hear testimony from Genia Schwartzman. Genia is a survivor of Nazi persecution from Poland. In a compelling 90 minute talk she told us stories of how she managed to escape from the Warsaw ghetto aged just seven years old, leaving her family behind to start a new secret life with a Catholic family in the countryside. Forging a new identity she managed to survive the whole war undetected, only to find out over 40 of her family members had tragically been killed under Nazi occupation. She told us too of the joyous moment she was reunited with her father, who had managed to escape and join the British Army.
Students asked some really great and insightful questions. It was also a delight to see so many students make the effort to personally thank her for delivering her testimony.
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From Mesopotamia to the Romans: how writing developed and came to Britain

A visit to the British Museum to learn about the development of writing was the reward for the ten highest achieving students this term on Accelerated Reader. Students saw wax tablets which were more than five thousand years, and the earliest examples of hand writing found in this country from the Roman fort at Vindolanda. As well as learning about how the first alphabet developed and spread to the Greeks and Romans, they were able to handle some Roman and Iron Age artefacts, One of the highlights of the trip was seeing the Rosetta Stone and finding out how Egyptian hieroglyphs were first deciphered. The final reward of the day was a visit to Pizza Hut for pizza and ice cream.

Lister Girls Achieve Success In Football and Fencing!

It was a great week for Girls’ PE last week: 

Girls’ Football

Girls 26th March

On Tuesday, Year 7 Girls’ Football team took a bronze medal at the Newham Schools Seven-a-side Football Tournament, beating ten other schools. On Thursday, they added to their success by taking 4th place at the Essex Schools Under-13 Girls Football Tournament. Louise Leedham was so impressive in this tournament that football scouts have now invited her to their clubs.

This now means that the Lister Girls Football Teams have taken a Bronze medal at the Newham Schools Year 10/11 Five-a-side, the Year 8/9 Seven-a-side and now the Year 7 Five-a-side Tournaments. 




Rachel and Ms Strachan Manchester Int 2013

On Sunday, GB Under-17 International Rachel Shaw achieved Gold in the Under-16 Girls age group at the Eastern Region Junior Championships. This means that Rachel has qualified for the British Youth Championship Finals, which take place next month. It also means that Rachel ends her Junior season as the England Under-15 number 2 and the GB Under-17 number 10.

“It has been a great week for Girls’ PE” said Ms Strachan, “the girls are a real pleasure to work with, and never cease to amaze me with their fantastic team spirit and determination to win. Lets hope for more success with Rounders and Athletics in the Summer term”

Lister win Newham Table Tennis tournament.

This week the Newham table tennis tournament was held at Newham college in East Ham. Four of our boys represented Lister and what a great job they did. Hejran Sultani ( year 9), Luke Wisdom (year 9), Dunyaal Iqbal (year 10) and Kaleem Khan ( year 10) were exceptional, all four of them made it to the semi final stage! So the final was going to be contested by two Lister boys no matter what the outcome. 

The tournament was originally set for 15- 18 year old but our year 9 pupils showed their high level of skill and competitiveness, Luke was beaten by Hejran in the semi finals and made his way to the final. In the other all Lister semi final Dunyaal was narrowly beaten by Kaleem.
The final was Hejran against Kaleem Khan, the year 9 pupil had a point to prove to his older counterpart and beat him 3 sets to 2. 
Well done boys! More trophies for the cabinet!

King House Tug of War Competition

Congratulations to Carter tutor group for winning the first King House Tug of War Competition. They faced stiff competition from all the other tutor groups and the finalists from Ogden and Caswell. 

Well done to all of the students who took part.

Speaking of taking part, the students then inspired the staff to join in so we had a staff competition! Have a look at the pictures to see if you can spot the next budding Tug of War Champions and spot the cheat with the rope tied around his waist!

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