Da Vinci Social Club

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Da Vinci House held there first social club run by the Anti Bullying Ambassadors on Thursday, The students came along by invite only and played games that that encouraged them to interacted together.

Social club will run every Thursday lunchtime, So if you would like to meet other students in your house and get to know them better speak with your house Anti Bullying Ambassadors (ABA’s) to get and invite and join in with the fun.



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KS3 students ‘dared to dance’ on Thursday afternoon to forget about the rain.

Up to 75 female students participated in a Street Dance Empowerment afternoon with 5 facilitators from Dare2Dance – Lindsay, Cynthia, Emma, Elise and Chloe. Our students were from Year 7 and Year 8 Theatre Schools, Year 9 GCSE Dance Specialist and dance club members. They had lots of fun learning the fundamentals of break dancing and whacking and then created a group sequence to Uptown Funk. We hope they show off their skills in dance lessons and dance clubs. The Dare2Dance team were so impressed with the girls enthusiasm and progress that they were all invited to take part in the Dare2Dance Satellite Dance Club which is every Wednesday after school, 2.20-3.50 with Kloe Dean who is the creative director of Myself Dance Company. See the Dance Department for more information.