Although the summer term is over the Dance students have great memories of the annual dance show, Verve, trips to the graduation performances of the University of East London and Middlesex University student and of course the annual Newham Carnival in July.

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The Carnival as is so often the case was on the hottest weekend of the year and the participants broke out a sweat just walking to the carnival camp base at Central Park School.

Manuela Benini was our choreographer who worked really hard to teach the history of Carnival around the world but also drew on our dancers’ experiences. The theme was the circus so costumes, the soundtrack and the choreography closely echoed the theme. It was a great but tiring but experience.

For some students it was their first Carnival, however a handful had participated in it before. However, for one young person it was her 6th time, Tahia is in Year 12 and no longer attends Lister but still came back to represent Lister! “I always look forward to the carnival”,  she said.  Other notable quotes are:-

“I want to do it again next year” said Florina (Year 8)

“I always get really tired as I work really hard to entertain the crowds” said Natalia (Year 8)

” I really enjoyed it” said Isabella (Year 7)

“So glad I got to do it again this year” Mya (Year 9)

We all had an amazing time.


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