On Saturday 10th November 2018, a group of year 10 and 11 students attended the Lord Mayor’s Parade in Central London. We attended as part of the Barclays Life Skills programme and acted as ambassadors by wearing their merchandise and representing Barclays on a float in the procession.

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The Barclays Life Skills programme had given many of us at Lister an opportunity to gain vital skills and an insight into the future world of work. As our school often works with them, supporting and representing them was a massive opportunity to develop our work with them but also receive a once in a life time opportunity in being a part of the Lord Mayor’s Procession.

We travelled to Central London and met up with the Barclays Life Skills team. Throughout the first part of the day, we stood on the float and waved at the public who were watching the parade while holding up posters with the words ‘resilience’, ‘determination’ to represent the Barclays Life programme. During the second half of the procession, we walked along the streets of Central London engaging with the public; we had a great experience!

Taking part in this prestigious event was an opportunity that doesn’t come often. I alongside the group of students that attended the parade very much enjoyed the day and believe that working with Barclays Life Skills had given us many prospects and a day to remember!

Sonali Chaggar-Year 11

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