Chosen Year 10 and Year 11 GCSE Dance students and our two volunteer staff (ex-Lister students) were fortunate to attend an Insight to Infra evening at the Royal Opera House. Infra is one of the compulsory professional works the GCSE students cover in the Dance Anthology and we were lucky to see the choreographer, Wayne McGregor rehearsing the dancers. We managed to get an ‘insight’ into what the piece is about and how in relationships things are not often what they seem underneath the surface. As well as the fantastic ballet, the audience were transfixed by the beautiful live musical score played by the Max Richter Quintet.

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As we were a bit early, we walked around Covent Garden, taking an impromptu tour around Pineapple Dance Studio and past the statue of the Little Ballerina by Enzo Plazzotta in Bow Street. “Another great Dance trip by the Dance Team” said Timi (ex-student)

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