Boy Blue’s ‘Blak Whyte Gray’ was GOLDEN

A small number of Dance students and ex-students went to see the acclaimed Blak whyte Gray at the Barbican. Students were really impressed and inspired by this triple bill performed by Boy Blue Entertainment.

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The three sections have contrasting moods, actions and sound accompaniment, but all of our group loved the section entitled Blak which strangely enough had lots of red in it! This was the most lively section. The actions in Blak were mostly house, street and of African origin performed to a pulsating rhythmic beat with a melodic undertone.There were large face masks hung from the ceiling, a large piece of red fabric and the dancers had red face paint which along with white patterns in their trousers which became luminous when the stage lights were switched off.

“That was something else you know” said Sean (Year 9)
The Year 10 GCSE dancers are now “inspired to choreograph for ResTec” said Cosmina and ” I have lived” said Emmanuella

The performance was made even better as we watched dancers who have taught us at school in class and clubs :-
Ricardo DaSilva (ex-Lister)
Gemma Hoddy (street dance teacher)
Jordan Franklin (Street dance teacher)
Theophulius ‘Godson’ Oyadede (Taught the current year 10s on their Moving Rap project)

“Nice to see the people we know dancing” Said Carlos who now attends the Brit School.

If you wish to be invited to the next Dance trip come along to a Dance Club of your choice!

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