On Monday 14th May, 5 fabulous boys with SEND from Learning Support took us on a journey of tragedy and comedy as they performed Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The boys worked extremely hard for 50 minutes per week for 6 months to perfect their lines and polish their performances. The Drama studio was packed with staff and parents as the boys took to the stage as the courageous yet flawed Macbeth, the masculine Lady Macbeth and the three ugly, prophetic witches. Some memorable moments included, the witches cackling as they told Macbeth of his fate, Lady Macbeth wringing her hands whilst sleepwalking and Macbeth hysterically running to the witches for much needed HELP! The production ended with a high-octane battle where Macbeth was defeated.


Ms Hegan commented that the performance was “Phenomenal…absolutely phenomenal!”.

Ms Dhillon said “It was a real treat to watch the fabulous performance of Macbeth by our Y8 boys from Learning Support. These boys can sometimes find it hard to communicate and access their learning in the classroom but in the performance they learnt their lines off by heart, confidently spoke out to the audience, and remembered their actions beautifully, with no prompts. They were a delight to watch! Well done and thank you for putting on a really good show!’’

And final words from the boys…

“We worked very hard, it took a long time but we enjoyed every bit of it.”

Ms Naraine

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