News Reporting Workshop

On Monday 4th March Yr 7 Specialist Curriculum participated in a workshop on News Reporting. The workshop was led by BBC journalist Janette Ballard who has been developing materials for schools on misinformation in the media. Yr 7 looked at how the term ‘fake news’ has evolved since first being coined, and is now used for real news as well as made-up news. Yr 7 also looked at ‘bots’ and how news information is sometimes not only fake, but also manipulated by a number of different groups. Yr 7 also looked at how Photoshop is sometimes used to manipulate the news as well.

These activities formed part of Yr 7’s preparation for BBC Young Reporter on Wednesday 6th. All the students thoroughly enjoyed meeting a real journalist and got lots of useful tips on how to source and fact-check information. You can listen to the work that students produced for BBC Young Reporter Day in the students section of the school website.

Ian McNicol

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