Students at Lister Community School today made it a magnificent seven years in a row of record results.

Results at the school have improved every year since 2010, with 67% of students today achieving at least a Grade 4 in both English and Maths – despite this being the first year of the new tougher exams.  This is the Government’s new headline measure.

And some 46% of students achieved at least a Grade 5 in English and Maths – a Grade 5 is defined by the Government as a “strong pass”.

More than a quarter of students at the school achieved a top grade in Maths (equivalent to an A* or A).

Brilliant individual success stories included:

  • Farjana Salik achieved three Grade 9s and six A*s – an incredible achievement, as the new Grade 9 is considered extremely hard to achieve and the top grade possible.  A Grade 9 is a very high A*, and the Government has estimated that only about three per cent of GCSEs have been awarded Grade 9s.
  • Fowzia Ahmed delivered an impressive performance with two Grade 9s, one Grade 8, five A*s, and two As.
  • Shayma Chowdhury secured one Grade 9, two Grade 8s, four A*, one A, and two Bs.
  • Ali Lakdawala brought home a Grade 9, a Grade 8, a Grade 7, five A*s, and one A.
  • Adil Kara also achieved a Grade 9, a Grade 8, a Grade 7, five A*s, and one A.
  • Abu Bokor Osmani is celebrating two Grade 8s, one Grade 7, 5 A*s, one A, and one B.

The school shares a commitment to excellence in teaching and learning with the similarly high-performing Sarah Bonnell School and Rokeby School, under the banner of the Newham Community Schools Trust.  All three schools are rated Good by Ofsted and are forming the academy trust to “go from good to great”.

The schools are also three of the partner schools who helped form the high-performing Newham Collegiate Sixth-Form Centre (NCS), and Lister is especially proud of the achievements of former students who continued their success story at A Level at the NCS:

  • Majida Begum, who is going on to read English at Cambridge University after receiving two A*s and one A
  • Adam Khonat, who will take up Computer Science at Warwick University after achieving one A* and two As
  • Keisha Hassen, whose A and two Bs will see her study Philosophy, also at Warwick University


Headteacher Anthony Wilson said:

“We are so proud of the fantastic results Lister students are collecting today, in the first year of the new GCSEs, with English and maths tougher than previously and new grades introduced as well.  Our students and staff have stepped up to the challenge brilliantly – as we knew they would.

“Everyone has worked incredibly hard, and today is allowing Lister students to reap the rewards of their dedication and talent.  I am particularly proud that Lister has continued to improve for the seventh year in a row, and look forward to making it eight next year.”

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