BBC Newsround with Lister Film and Media dept

On Friday 9th March the Film and Media dept was visited by BBC News as part of a project to investigate the impact of ‘fake news’ on young people. Caira, Tyrese, Nasra and Usman took part in a game that involved making judgements about news content. They all agreed that ‘fake news’ is often hard to spot and many of us become victims of lies and misinformation. Sometimes this is done as a harmless prank but other times there a ‘dark forces’ at work trying to influence how we think and behave. After this the Year 7 Specialist Curriculum students were also given an opportunity to comment on ‘fake news’ for BBC Newsround. We hope you enjoy viewing our contributions to BBC School Report this year. You can find us on the BBC News, BBC School Report and Newsround websites.

Mr McNicol

Dance Open Day at the University of East London

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Several students had a great opportunity to go to UEL, Stratford Campus.  The students had a tour of the facilities including various recording studios, editing suites and dance studios as well as participating in a Dance Master class.

‘It was a great experience’ said a year 10 student

‘Good environment and great facilities’ said Prisca

‘Good tour and nice music production studio’ said Jovita

‘The day was a useful and eye-opening experience’ said Aiyana

All students were well behaved and represented the school in a positive way.


On Friday the year 7 PE specialist students embarked on their first rowing session this year, a very good start and lots of progress to make. Students will be on the water next week, weather permitting.

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World Book Day Celebrations

Well done Lister for a fabulous celebration of World Book Day on Friday 2nd March! Despite the freezing weather conditions lots of people donned some fabulous book character outfits. The prize for the most terrifying definitely goes to Ms Connell, who donned a Dementor costume! Special mention should also go to Mr Ahmed for spending most of the day with his entire head bandaged to be the Invisible Man. An extended tutor time in which all tutor groups participated in our challenging book quiz got everyone talking about books – both ones they’ve read and ones to put on those ‘to read’ lists. Mr Hawkins, Mr Kristiansen and Mr Dos Santos inspired us over the tannoy by sharing their favourite books and how these changed their lives. Later on in the day Readathon participants and Library Prefects had a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party lunch to reward all their hard work – a lot of pizza and cake were consumed!

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The amount of money raised for Book Aid International is to be confirmed. Book Aid’s website explains their mission and where the money will go: ‘Through reading, people can change their own lives for the better and shape their own futures. In places where books are scarce, libraries are often the best places for people to discover the joy of reading. By supporting libraries, we can provide access to books for around 29 million people each year. We work with UK publishers to supply brand new books to over 3,000 libraries. Every year, we send around one million brand new, carefully selected books each. Most of our work takes place in Africa but we also work in other locations where the need for books is great.’ To find out more about Book Aid International visit:


Ms Rowe

Year 9 Globe Theatre trip

On Tuesday 6th March, Year 9 enjoyed a hilarious performance of Much Ado about Nothing at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre,

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Tickets were free courtesy of the Every Child a Theatre Goer scheme. There were a few short rain showers but we were lucky to be seated in the sheltered upper gallery where we remained  dry! The modernised performance was complete with comical dabbing, mistaken identity, superhero costumes and sarcasm! Jizelo from Da Vinci commented “it was an interesting adaptation and I really disliked the character of Claudio, who couldn’t trust the innocent Hero.” We know year 9 have gained a lot from the experience and thank you to the Drama department for organising.

Ms Careswell 

Staying Alive!


As part of our PSHE curriculum we have been lucky to secure First Aid Training with British Red Cross for all Year 7 and Year 8 students this year. Each student will receive 1 x double lesson of simple first aid skills to equip them with the confidence and willingness to act in a first aid emergency. The first sessions had positive feedback from staff and students and finished with a hands only CPR relay race, inspired by Vinnie Jones and the Bee Gees! Thank you to staff who have supported these sessions so far.

Miss Maxwell

Every Child a Sports Person

Last Friday Year 7 took part in NECaSP Festival

Every Child a Sports Person
activeNewham works closely in partnership with the London Borough of Newham to support our young people to take part in sport and become more physically active through Newham’s Every Child a Sports Person (NECaSP).

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As part of this programme, which is targeted specifically at Year 7, we provide every Secondary School in Newham with a School Sport Festival with all Year 7 students taken off timetable to participate in activities such as Judo, Fencing, Handball, Rugby and Athletics that may not be found on the curriculum.

The students had a great afternoon, with a few asking if it was going to run again this Friday. Thank you to all that assisted!

Still We Dream 

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Some members of the Boys Do it Better Project and Angelo ex-Lister Dance Student were fortunate to go to the Vault Festival, an underground venue beneath Waterloo Station. We watched the site specific piece, Still We Dream choreographed by ex- Lister Dance student Joseph Toonga, Just Us Dance Theatre. Dancers included Ricardo Da Silva another ex-Lister Dance Student, Natalie Thompson our dance placement student from UEL and Kendrick Sandy from Boy Blue Entertainment who’s piece Emancipation of Expressionism is on the new GCSE Dance syllabus. The ‘whole experience was unique as it was site specific’ said the boys.  The graffiti and art was ‘sick’

“It was incredible” said Tiago

“The dancers got really close to us” said Timi

Keep an eye out for other amazing trips offered by the Dance Department.