GCSE Dance Theory Conference

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Year 11 GCSE Dance candidates had a fantastic Component 2 (Theory) Conference lead by Heather Worrall from Artspool. They were quizzed on the 6 professional works in the anthology and given tips on answering the long mark questions on costume, aural setting and physical setting. They even made minature sets on the works!

It was very beneficial. Carlos who had been sick all week, said ‘it was good. I’m glad I came in for it’ Shafinur asked and answered some thought-provoking questions. Olga was surprised at how much information she actually knew, and Prisca made some copious notes!

Heather said to Ms Coke and Ms Lungu: ‘These are such great students, it was a delight to work with them! So much thinking and interaction from them all. Brilliant . You should be very proud of them’

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