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We have written an opera! ‘Full Circle’ tells the story of a young person searching for belonging in a difficult world. The work has been composed by students from Lister, Rokeby, Sarah Bonnell and local primary schools, as well as vocal students at Newham Music.

The opera will be performed twice in July: Continue reading




Dance and rap at The Great Big Get Together

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Our Year 9 GCSE dance group have been working with Dance Artistes from Breaking Convention, MC Angel and Theo ‘Godson’ Oloyade to create a collaborative piece with rapping and dance, as part of Moving Rap.  This will be performed at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on Sunday 24th June as part of the Great Big Get Together.

The piece tackles the theme of ‘equality and everybody should be treated the same”

We are sorry to see this project come to an end as working with MC Angel and Theo was a fabulous experience for our Year 9 students.  These are some of their thoughts:

‘I learned that I need to put a lot of energy and effort into your work in order to give a clean and effective performance’ – Kira

‘ I gained heaps of confidence as a result of doing this project’ -Tiago

‘I surprised myself and my group by writing and spitting bars’ – Gabriela

This event is free and we would like to see you there.

Ms Coke

Newham Borough Athletics Championships – Tuesday 22 May

A fantastic day was had at the McMillan Stadium this week where 50 students from Year 7-Year 10 represented Lister at the Newham Borough Athletics. For once the sun was shining and the day started with huge success, with Hisham in Year 10 WINNING the 80m Hurdles event!

Our stand out results in the finals are below, notably this is the best the girls have performed for Lister:

80m Hurdles

Year 9 Boys – Bami 3rd
Year 10 Boys – Hisham 1st

Year 10 Girls – Skyla 3rd


Year 9 Boys – Harry 3rd
Year 10 Boys – Abdulahi 3rd

Year 7 Girls – Isabella 3rd
Year 9 Boys – Omar 2nd
Year 10 Boys – Adil 2nd

Long Jump
Year 9 Boys – Bami 2nd
Year 9 Girls – Mayriam 2nd

Year 7 Boys – Troy 3rd
Year 8 Girls – Nawal 2nd
Year 9 Girls – Kade 2nd

Students behaviour was exemplary throughout the event so please congratulate them for their success and we look forward to next year!

Ms Maxwell

The Mayor’s Newham Festival

The date is Saturday 7th July.

The place is the London Borough of Newham!

If you want to parade around Newham’s Roads and get successfully rewarded like last year’s participants see Ms Coke in the Dance Department.

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Rehearsals are the week of 25th June.

Ms Coke

Active Travel to school Inter-House Competition

Active Travel to school Inter-House Competition has kicked off!
Our PSHE Committee have been working hard with Transport for London to complete their first Youth Travel Ambassador project, which has kicked off this week with an Active Travel Inter-house competition. They delivered 3 excellent assemblies last week to Year 7, 8, and 9 launching the project where Houses and Tutors are counting students and teachers steps on the way to school and competing for the following prizes:

1) Top student in each house rewarded with a £10 amazon voucher and +5 house points (5 students)

2) Top tutor group rewarded with a pizza party, and £5 amazon vouchers and +3 house points for students who participated

3) House with the most steps at the end of the week receives 250 praise points

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If you haven’t yet got involved, it’s not too late to get active and be in a chance of winning these prizes! Well done to the PSHE committee (Faris, Muhammed, Mya, Ioana, Remi, Ridwan, and Sumayyah). We wish you luck and encourage you to get active!

Ms Maxwell


On Monday 14th May, 5 fabulous boys with SEND from Learning Support took us on a journey of tragedy and comedy as they performed Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The boys worked extremely hard for 50 minutes per week for 6 months to perfect their lines and polish their performances. The Drama studio was packed with staff and parents as the boys took to the stage as the courageous yet flawed Macbeth, the masculine Lady Macbeth and the three ugly, prophetic witches. Some memorable moments included, the witches cackling as they told Macbeth of his fate, Lady Macbeth wringing her hands whilst sleepwalking and Macbeth hysterically running to the witches for much needed HELP! The production ended with a high-octane battle where Macbeth was defeated.

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Ms Hegan commented that the performance was “Phenomenal…absolutely phenomenal!”. Continue reading

Race for the Line finals

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Last week, three of our Year 7 students represented Lister Community School at the Race for the Line regional finals. Katrina, Eshan and Hassan worked alongside electrical and mechanical engineers from the British Army to design and build and their rocket car. The students had great fun watching their car race against the other school teams. Although our team missed out on the national final, we are incredibly proud of the students’ achievements and progression in the competition.

Ms Patel

Young carers reach new heights.

Our 8 young carers took a trip to Mile End Climbing wall on Thursday, fully funded by GoForIt Grants. They experienced free climbing, bouldering and rope climbing. The smiles were a constant feature on their faces from the minibus ride there until they left the school premises at the end of the day. It was really nice to see them encouraging each other to climb higher and where to place their hands and feet for the next steps. They made and shared memories that some will never forget. One student said ‘Thank you for this opportunity, I know sometimes I dont deserve it but i’m so grateful that I am here,’ Another stated ‘This has been so fun, I have overcome my fears of heights today, are you proud?’ The answer to that is,​ ​ of course, we are proud of each and every one of you!

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Please tag goforitgrants and mileendclimbingwall on twitter. Continue reading

Lister Careers News – Year 8 Mock Interviews

Deloitte – 27.04.18

Students at Lister recently attended a mock interviews workshop at the professional services and accountancy firm Deloitte. They met inspirational people, learnt more about careers, developed their communication skills and most importantly improved on their interview skills.

Mr Deen

Phoenix Dance Theatre

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A few Year 11 GCSE students went to watch Phoenix Dance Theatre at the Peacock Theatre.  They saw three pieces including Shadows choreographed by Christopher Bruce which is on the GCSE Dance syllabus and the much anticipated Windrush: Movement of the People choreographed by Sharon Watson, which is a very topical piece.  This illustrated the lives of the Caribbean people that travelled from the Caribbean to England or ‘the mother land’.  The GCSE students enjoyed this dance the best as it had a modern soundtrack and live, inspirational music.  A small band sang Amazing Grace and Shackles which had our group dancing in the aisles.

Ms Coke

Inter-house results

On our first week back, from the Easter holidays, Lister held its third inter-house competition. Once again, all years represented their houses in two sports: cricket and volleyball.

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The boys took advantage of the glorious weather and showed off their batting and bowling skills, which rivalled Kohli and Mitchell Starc. It was a close call with Da Vinci taking an early lead at the start of the week, however an excellent performance by King year 8 students meant that overall, Da Vinci and King were joint first for the boys cricket competition.

The girls were introduced to a new sport, volleyball. However, this did not effect the talent that was witnessed over the course of the week. Some excellent digging, diving and setting from Miss Maxwell’s year 9 girls put Shelley in an early lead at the start of the week. Galileo showed excellent teamwork throughout the week however It wasn’t enough to stop a Hawking win for the girls.

Overall the winners of the third inter-house 2017/18 were Hawking and Da Vinci, well done to everybody that was involved and to Hawking and Da Vinci who move a step closer to winning the house cup.

PE department