Staff V Year 11 Basketball Team

On Tuesday 11th July the U16 Newham Champions (Lister) were met with their toughest challenge yet, the Staff Basketball Team made up of Mr Goldser, Mr Botterill, Mr Sharif, Miss Tetteh, Coach Faris, Coach Solomon, and Mr Muscat.

The U16 dominated the first quarter with their ruthless offensive plays, allowing Max, Reinaldes and Hocine to find the basket. The staff team looked to Mr Sharif for inspiration and by half time Mr Sharif had placed his mark on the game. Link up play between Coach Faris and Mr Sharif brought the score within five by half time.

Fitness began to show in the third with the U16 making progress towards the victory. Solid play from Vong opened up big Timmy to hit the three pointers, the teachers looked well beaten. However, a strong team talk by Coach Solomon inspired the teachers. Goldser showed true power on defence and Botterill began to make his mark on the game. Muscat finally began a scoring run and great link up play between Solomon and Faris took the game within two points with one minute to play.

The U16 boys had to much on this occasion with the final scores 52-45. A respectable score for both teams and a great send off to the year 11’s.

Great end to the season.

Mr Muscat

Lister Literary Festival

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Last week we welcomed four fantastic writers to Lister to tell us all about their lives and work. Novelist Alex Scarrow talked to years 6, 7 and 8 about his Time Riders adventure series, his career as a video games designer and his latest horror series about dissolving humans! Year 9 were really excited to welcome one of Lister’s favourite authors, Alex Wheatle. Alex chatted about his turbulent past from Brixton gangs, to winding up in prison and how books saved his life. His books have barely sat still on our shelves since. Plaistow-born crime novelist Dreda Say Mitchell inspired year 10 on Friday by sharing her journey to becoming a published writer despite friends telling her that her East End background would hold her back. We also had poet Adisa with us for two days wowing year 6 with his slick wordplay and leading a workshop with some year 7 creative writers. The poetry they produced was brilliant!

Ms Rowe

West Cork Chamber Music Festival

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Last weekend we took some of our most talented musicians to Bantry, Ireland for the West Chamber Music Festival. This annual trip has become a favourite for the department and the Festival-goers, who welcome us kindly each year!

From boat trips, country walks, bow-making, photo-shooting and of course, concert-going, the activities were endless.

A highlight for us though was watching our Quartet in residence – the Behn Quartet – perform. They were phenomenal and played a range of repertoire from Dvorak, Haydn and the world premiere of McDermott’s ‘Sleemhnan’ which can best be described as techno music for live strings!

Ms Chapman

Year 8 Theatre School

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Year 8 had a great dance workshop with Bismark Anobah who is a well known dance practitioner in London and beyond.  As well as being known for his dancing and high energy, he is also well known for his fierce ‘Simon Says’ game.
The workshop was so good and the music was so contagious that all three Theatre School teachers joined in.
Ms Coke

Rose Bruford College visit

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Years 10’s GCSE Drama class had the opportunity to visit Rose Bruford College on Tuesday. All the staff that we met were really lovely and knowledgeable.

We had the chance to take part in 3 different workshops. First was set/costume design. In my opinion it was really fun everyone seemed to be having a really good time and we all got really creative and a bit messy. We created our final pieces with the inspiration of a piece of text from Macbeth. We learnt about how to design set and thought about what we wanted our audiences to see. Continue reading

Road to Wimbledon Competition

Road to Wimbledon Competition

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Throughout June our top tennis players have been taking part in the National HSBC Road To Wimbledon competition. The event was a great success with 19 boys and 6 girls competing for a chance to play on the hallowed turf of Wimbledon.. Well done to all those that took part and a special congratulations to our winners and runners up Ahmad Khan, Keisha Patel, Furqan Rana and Remi Bakari. Good luck for the county finals!

Coach Faris

Year 7 & 8 Girls MAT Varsity versus Sarah Bonnell

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The first MAT Varsity sports event was hosted here at Lister on Wednesday 14th July against Sarah Bonnell school. Students participated in an Athletics competition which included hurdles, 100m, 200m, 800m, 4x100m relay on the track; and discus, javelin and shot put throws on the field.

The girls competed brilliantly, with some of our Lister students winning gold, silver and bronze certificates for their performances. The end result was narrowly won by Sarah Bonnell by just 18 points but the girls should be proud of their resilience and fantastic effort throughout. Big thank you to all the PE team who delivered the event which ran smoothly and was congratulated by Sarah Bonnell.

This is the start of many MAT Varsity sporting events, so if you would like to part and help us beat our rivals next time please attend extra curricular clubs for selection.

Miss Maxwell

Staff v Student Netball Match

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A big thank you to students and staff who played in the ‘friendly’ game of Netball at lunchtime on Wednesday 28th June. Everyone gave it their all, and despite the Year 7 & 8’s fierce determination, they couldn’t put a shot past the staff team and had to face Ms Clay’s exceptional scoring rate! 30 students will receive merits and certificates for their participation in this Netball match for National Sports Week. Well done all!

 #NSSW #celebratePE

Miss Maxwell